In order to be able to treat industrial volumes, each and every component of the CAVIT system is designed for a maximum power input:
















The geometry of the sonotrode allows amplitudes to reach the physical limitations of the material being processed.


A very durable metal alloy and special treatments of the surfaces guarantee a maximum operational life for the sonotrode, even if intense cavitation is realized.


The patented, high-performance transducer produces the necessary energy to generate oscillations, which are capable of running the sonotrode continuously at a high amplitude range.


The control unit ensures that interference-free cavitation is produced even when working with inhomogeneous media.


The CAVIT system is currently controlled with a browser-based interface and can be connected to superordinate systems using the interface.




US-Einheit 031013.15 

single cavitation unit


transducer unit









control unit

connecting components